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Web Store update!

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Feb. 17th, 2009 | 07:11 pm
posted by: lollycalifornia in infectedind

The official INFECTED web store will be opening sometime this week. Keep your eyes open! :)

It'll be full of the left over bracelets, so if you missed one and you want it, you'll see it in the web store!

The only ones that are for sure not going to be listed are "Team Deleon", "Team Marshall", and "Team Crawford".
Those all sold out. As for the others, they'll be in there. :)!

Everyone who was once on a list, you are no longer on any list for anything. We have no lists. If you've recently snail-mailed a payment, please let me know before I go and sell your bracelet.
As for the people who haven't sent in any money, you can buy them in the web store, because I am no longer holding them for you.

Until I sell the extras, I will not be making another order.

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